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Contractors Council of India

Contractors Council of India took the opportunity to introduce subcontractors and suppliers to industry organisations that can help them add value to their business through training and development. Organisations exhibiting at the event included; Business in the Community, Construction Industry Training Board, Federation of Master Builders and the Chartered Institute of Building.


Working for Council as a Contractor or Supplier

Contractors Council of India has a list of 'Approved Suppliers' called prequalified contractors and suppliers. Contractors Council of India sources contractors and suppliers from the list when placing purchase orders and when requesting quotations.

Prequalification allows Council to assess contractors and suppliers against set criteria to ensure they have the capability and capacity to carry out works on our behalf, and the ability to manage Occupational Health & Safety requirements.

About the Contractors Council of India

The small business community is guided and advantage by contractors council of india in contracting market. 99.7% of all companies are defined as small sized by the SBA.The disparities for women, minorities, veterans, and other such business owners are enormous. Our goal is to be an agent of change by helping companies to get their fair share of the opportunities in the contractors council of india.